Sexy as Hell

by Laura Havemeyers

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Paige is an adventurous, sexy young prosecutor in the city of Chicago. Brilliant, but also always on the lookout for a good time, she needs and loves to take control, in life, in work, and in the bedroom.

Partying one night, she meets Carter. He’s tall, he’s incredibly handsome, and he knows just what he wants. He doesn’t act coy or respectfully reserved around her. He tells Paige just what he desires and makes no apologies. His arrogance intrigues her, forcing Paige to keep fantasizing about him and making her wonder if she can tame him.

And when they fall into bed with each other, it’s like nothing either have felt before. Neither will give the other an inch and their hot, raunchy sex becomes a battle to see who will gain control.

But when a high-profile criminal case comes up, Paige is selected to try it. In the courthouse, she’s introduced to her mother’s new fiancé. They are there because his son is the lead defender. Paige is shocked to her core when they point out Carter, and she discovers that the best, most amazing sex of her life, was with her new stepbrother.