Hotwife and cuckold Bedtime Mega Bundle: Sometimes Your Husband Just Isn't Enough

by Raven Merlot

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Sometimes your husband is not enough. Hopefully he understands this, and supports you in getting the pleasure you need. This is the sweet kind of cuckolding. There is a husband who loves you and wants you to be sexually satisfied, even if it isn’t with him.

These twelve bedtime stories are for those times when you want to be physically taken care of by a man who knows exactly what your body needs while being loved by a man who is committed to you no mater what.

These twelve sweet but raunchy sexual romps are just what you need before bed, or any other time of day for that matter. They tell the stories of women finding passion and excitement in the embrace of other men. They seek it because their marriages have become dull, because they need an encounter with an aggressive alpha male, because they want to get pregnant, because they need to feel what it’s like to have multiple strange men use them at the same time, and because their husbands know that a wife’s pleasure has to come first.

Real life cuckoldress Raven Merlot and her collaborator, Alexandra Noir, are proud to give you a peek into the exciting lifestyles that they enjoy. Don't worry! We understand your hidden desires and your secrets are safe with us.

In The Naughty Neighbor, housewife Kelsey experiences an extreme attraction to her next door neighbor. This recently divorced man has a surprising secret in his openness to having an experience both with Kelsey and her soon to be cuckolded husband, Jack.

In A Stud to Knock Me Up, Isabella can feel her marriage slipping away from her. She and her husband always hoped children would give them purpose but, sadly they never came and the doctors determined that her husband was to blame. Isabella finally decides to take matters into her own hands and let another man help them both out…

In My Husband Can’t Satisfy Me, Maggie and Lee return to the Greek Islands to celebrate where they first met decades earlier. They have a good marriage, filled with memories and friendship, but as they’ve aged the sex has been lacking. Here, in the islands where their romance began it is reinvigorated through a shocking and anonymous experience with a man whose very touch on Maggie’s skin rekindles what was lost between her and her husband.

In Once a Cuckold, Always a Cuckold, Karyn and her submissive husband Doug have been in a Hotwife/cuckold relationship for years but even with visits from her bulls something has been lacking. Karyn had always been in control of every situation. Even her other lovers deferred to her pleasure. Then she meets Roman. He’s an alpha male like neither her nor her husband had ever encountered. From him she learns that to experience pleasure at its maximum potential she needs to submit completely to this new man, while her husband dutifully watches from his place of submission.

In Cuckolding in Paradise, Vicki and Wade discover the joys of the swinging lifestyle at a paradise resort for open minded couples. Vicki discovers pleasure like she’s never known at the hands of multiple other men, while Wade discovers satisfaction he never dreamed of by watching his wife’s desires be fulfilled.

The sixth story of this series Cuckolding For a Crowd is only available by signing up for our mailing list at This story has a new twist on cuckolding. It isn't just another man that pleasures an insatiable hotwife, but his expertly designed machines as well. You'll also receive occasional e-mails about our new books and promotions.

These are just the first six stories in this series but the remaining ones continue the trend of dissatisfied wives finding relief and pleasure in the embraces of other men. Their husbands have no choice, and some don't even want a choice, but to watch manlier, more aggressive men claim their wives for their own sexual pleasure.