Double Rolled

by SPDR ARC Services

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She’s got the face on an angel.

But that body of hers?

It was made by the Devil.

Especially for sin…

I won’t lie. I’m pretty freakin’ awesome.

Billionaire music producer.

I own a record label artists would kill to sign with.

I can have pretty much anything in the world that I want.

That is until Maxene walks into the picture.

My right hand man, Tristan Crawford first introduces her.

When we hear her sweet purr in our ears we’re hooked.

Now we want to hear every sound she has to make.

First I just wanted to to get my hands on her.


I can’t keep her out of my heart.

We don’t want to battle each other for her.

She doesn’t want to choose.

The question is, can Maxene’s perfect mouth…sing for both of us?