by Haley Pierce

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Overseas for 8 months. My only question now is did he ever really love me, and can he love our baby?

He had a pick up line in his pocket that couldn't fail...

"I'm an elite soldier. I leave on duty in a week and I don't know if I'm going to return, but I want to spend one of my last nights with you."

Claire thought she was player proof, but had never been in sights of a guy like Derek before.

Next thing she knew she was in a hot one-week romance with a guy she couldn't really figure out.

Was he just a player looking to score, or was he really falling for her?

It was all so unlike Claire in the first place, but it happened.

And before she knew it he was gone, leaving her with a cloud of confusion and the seed of something that would change her life forever.

Now, it's time for his return and he has no idea the surprise he's in for.

Claire has already made her choice and now it’s Derek’s turn.

Were any of those feelings he seemed to have still there, or even real?

There's no way for her mind to stop replaying everything over and over again.

These final moments waiting to meet him again seem to last an eternity...

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