Cheating: Boyfriend's Best Friends Bundle: 3 books in 1!

by Trisha Kozicki

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Cheating: Boyfriend's Bestfriends is a bundle containing 3 books! Each story involves a girlfriend (or in one case - fiancée) cheating on their boyfriends with his best friends!

Cheating in the Hot Tub:
Maddie spends all day baking a cheesecake and waiting for her boyfriend to return from the hockey. When he turns up late with two of his friends, she is more than annoyed.Later in the night, they all find themselves in the hot tub outside and an insatiable desire begins to grow within Maddie. With her boyfriend incapable of satisfying her, she turns to his best friends to fill her hot, wet needs. Will they give her what she wants most?

BBW Ganged by Her Boyfriend's Buddies:
Heather is a big, beautiful woman and her boyfriend - Ben - doesn't make her feel loved.Ben drags her along to his friend's house for an 'exciting' night of playing video games. Ben's friend - Trevor - starts showing her some attention and she welcomes it with open legs! All Ben can do is watch as his girlfriend shamelessly cheats on him in front of his eyes.Later, Trevor's roommate returns home. Will he break up the fun? Or will he join in and give Heather a long night of hot love and hard passion that her boyfriend could never provide?

Caught Before Her Wedding:
Jennifer is about to be married and she is feeling very stressed. But there's something that always calms her down. It's little, it's pink, and it vibrates.She isn't afforded privacy for long though, when her husband-to-be's Best Man walks in through the door and tries to talk to her. He has no idea about what's happening inside Jennifer's dripping panties, and she tries her hardest to keep it secret.But what happens when he discovers the truth? How far will the two take it mere moments before she walks down the aisle?