by Carly Davis

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I had been sitting here all day since this morning interviewing women to fill the secretary positon. Most of them were dressed as if they were straight out of a porno with no knowledge of how to even turn on a computer. They were only here for one reason, to weasel their way in my bed in hopes to become my queen. No way in hell was that happening. I swore off love when my wife was brutally gunned down and killed.

That was the day my heart froze.
No longer the man I used to be.
What was once a warm and loving husband and father became a heartless and cruel bastard.


Giovanni was a very powerful man and an even more possessive one over his belongings. From the first day I started working for the sexy bastard, he always seemed to watch my every move. After a few weeks, he began to find ways to touch me here and there. Whether it was a brush of his fingers against my thigh, or his breath on my neck as he leaned over behind me, I gave in to him. I leaned into his warmth every fucking time.

I could feel the tension in the air and the fire building up between us in the weeks leading towards today. I began wearing my skirts a little shorter and my shirts more revealing. Each time I bent over as I filed his paperwork, I made sure to give him a glimpse of the top of my black stockings. Now I'm on his desk with my heels digging in his ass as he f**ks me deep and hard.