Kidnapped by the Doctor

by Azure O'Hara

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Jaclyn Christensen is a tattooed bike messenger who delivers a package to the Center for the Study and Treatment of Sex and Sex Disorders, where she meets the strong, hot Dr. Virgil Rogers.

When he spots her, he just he has to have her in his study of fear and sexual pleasure. She’s not interested in being in the study at first, but the large monetary reward, combined with the incredibly steamy agreement he sends her to sign, convinces her to join the study.

The next thing she knows, she's being kidnapped from her bedroom in the night and taken to the clinic to participate in fiendishly sexy medical "checkups" in complete bondage!

She may say she doesn’t want it at first, but her physiological responses say otherwise!

This book is 13,700 words (about 68 pages) long and contains consensual kidnapping, bondage, BDSM, deep throat blow jobs, breath restriction, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, and more!