The Involuntary Commitment

by Azure O'Hara

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When Joyce Deaton’s boyfriend dumps her because he says her desire for sexual submission brings out the “darkness” in him, he tells her she should get help from a psychiatrist.

Little does she know that the only help that psychiatrist Dr. Bradley Ellis wants to give to her is help making all her sexual dreams come true!

Joyce makes the wonderful mistake of letting him know that sometimes she chokes herself with a belt while she rubs herself off. Knowing that she’s in danger of hurting herself like that is the only thing he needs to commit her to his own private institution—in his basement.

Once Dr. Ellis has her involuntarily committed, he helps her learn that her desire for submission isn’t crazy. It’s sublime!

This story is 14,000 words (about 70 pages) long and contains BDSM, bondage, submission, deep throating, spanking, straitjackets, punishment, humiliation, suspension, oral sex, and vaginal sex.