Filled by the Dentist

by Azure O'Hara

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Busy single mom Dora Anderson is looking forward to relaxing in the dentist chair under the care of handsome Dr. Troy Mullins, but she can barely believe her good luck when he gives her the laughing gas and tells her to think of sex to relieve the pain of his thorough oral service.

She’s unsure at first if she only imagined him fondling her helplessly sedated body while he worked on her or if it was real, but when he tells her she needs to return for him to fill her cavity, she decides to dress extra sexy and underwear-free to give him even easier access to her willing body the next time she’s incapacitated by the gas.

Dr. Mullins fills Dora’s oral cavity and her other cavities as well, all while she’s sedated by nitrous oxide and unable to resist!

And that’s not the last she’ll see of the powerfully dominant Dr. Troy Mullins. Dora gets another chance to give her body over to him and let him use her until she’s spent. And he still wants more of her after that.

This story is 7200 words (about 30 pages) long and is perfect for fans of consensual rough sex, incapacitated sex, submission, domination, oral, vaginal, and anal sex. If you love rough sex that ends happily-ever-after, this whole series will scratch that itch!