Highlander's Voyage

by Blanche Dabney

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A modern woman thrust back into the brutal past. A medieval highlander who lost everything dear to him. Why has fate brought these two broken souls together?

Carol Harper didn't want to travel through time. She only wanted to see if the ancient ring she found would fit her finger. But one touch and she's back in the Middle Ages, held against her will by a sullen brute and his army.

Angus MacClean is raiding with his fellow warriors when a strange woman appears out of nowhere. His clan believe only witchcraft could have brought her into their midst but Angus has no fear of her sorcery. Only one thing frightens him about their beautiful captive, the way she makes him feel.

Together they must overcome their burning desire to successfully evade the forces that hunt them both. Fail and they risk being caught by a wicked English lord who wants Angus dead and Carol all for himself.

Highlander's Voyage is a standalone time travel romance. If you like rugged warriors, a mysterious world, and a feisty heroine, you're sure to love this scintillating story.