#Bossed: A Second Chance Workplace MFMM Romance - EBI ARC

by Ebook Itch ARC Services


Three wild men.
One very lucky girl.
It’s time to get

I grew up with the Maxwell brothers.
I looked up to their stepfather.
But all that changed when I went to work at their investment bank.

Now all three of them want me.
They’re not willing to share at first.
But they don’t understand that the power is in my hands.
And it’s time to roll out a phrase they’ve heard.

Greed is good.

That’s right. I’m greedy for all of them.
I can tell they want me too.
I see how their eyes run up and down my body.
Analyzing all my curves.

It’s a powder keg waiting to explode.
And when it does, there’s only one question that needs to be answered?

How am I going to go to work the next day when my bosses leave me unable to walk?

**This romance short story will be a bonus epilogue in workplace romance box set.**