Sold As A Commodity: The Complete Series

by Jacey O'Gallagher

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This is a 90,000 words series with a HEA

I thought I was going for a modeling job. Instead, I was sold into a dark, cruel world. My body is a commodity. My rights are a distant dream…
So I met this guy, called James.
We’ve been dating for about two months, and the relationship seems solid, despite the fact that he’s kept how he makes a living a secret from me. He knows about my situation, though: that I’m totally broke and jobless.
He decides to help me out in that department by telling me about this modeling gig. I have nothing else going for myself, so I take him up on the offer.
Halfway through my interview, I realize that it isn’t for modeling at all. It’s for something completely opposite.
I’ve been baited into a despicable operation that could cost me my innocence, my life, and my sanity. My body is no longer my own to keep.
They seek to take everything from me.
And James… he betrayed me.
I’ll never forgive him.