Under the Open Sky

by Lara Turner

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She's waited long enough to take control and discover what has been in front of her the whole time.

Morgan co-owns Bar None Ranch with her sister and brother. She shares a room with her best friend, Jasmine, a British gal trying to make a new home at the Bar None Ranch. She lives a wild lifestyle with men in and out of her life until she realizes her true feelings. One afternoon after a worrisome doctor's visit, the two women share an intimate moment and accept that they both share the same feelings and everything changes. Their friendship blossoms into love with a healthy dose of sexual exploration .

Tall, gorgeous, and with a dreamy accent Jasmine has always had a crush on Morgan. Her mere presence sets Jasmine's heart racing. It doesn't matter that she has spends her nights with men, Jasmine lusts for her body. Morgan, short and sassy, suddenly realizes that the girl in the next bunk is the one she wants in her bed.

The two women put their raging lust to good use after a long trail ride.

Warning: Adult Themes-For Mature Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Short story: approximately 7300 words.