The Death of Vultures

by Susan Wingate

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When her daughter, Lily, dies from an apparent heroin overdose, Meg Storm transforms herself from housewife into a fighting phenom, and she vows to find out the truth about Lily’s death.

After becoming embroiled in a world as exotic as it is criminal, Storm gets swept into the drug world. She sees, firsthand, how far people involved in this world will go to continue their criminal activities. Enter Ismael Zambada García, also known as El Mayo Zambada (the mayor). Zambada is a Mexican drug lord who serves as leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. But his reach is far and deadly. With illicit business dealings spanning the entire western U.S., Zambada has interests as far north as Washington State and into British Columbia, Canada. And he’s a jealous drug lord. His dealers on one small but profitable island in the Pacific Northwest have found themselves at risk when a young woman, named Lily Storm, has become involved with the ringleader. In her “overtures”, Lily has exposed the dealers to law enforcement by blogging about her experiences using heroin. Zambada makes sure they shut her up before she ruins all of it for him.

But law enforcement is at a loss on how to control the island’s escalating drug problem. Unless they locate the house where dealers store contraband and seize it, deputies won’t be able to make any arrests, or stop the flow of drugs into their community. Because the island is small, everyone knows the actors within law enforcement. Instead, they must take to unorthodox means to get these bad guys. After forming a Joint Drug Special Task Force including FBI, ICE, CBP, and a U.S. Attorney, they round out their team by including a zealous pastor on a mission to stop drug addiction.

When her husband also ends up dead, Meg Storm has nothing left to lose. With Zambada onto her, he goads her thinking it will scare her away. Unfortunately for him, the opposite is true. Zambada effectively pushes Meg Storm to the brink, she commits an unthinkable act. She kills the dealers she thinks are responsible for Lily and Jay’s death. Doing so, she’s played into the hands of law enforcement. She has left a key piece of evidence at the crime scene that implicates her. However, as ineffective as the island’s law enforcement has become, they decide to use Meg as a Confidential Informant rather than charge her. Has Meg Storm become a pawn, a murderer, or both?

THE DEATH OF VULTURES shows one woman’s grit needed to deliver thunder on the island, enough to rain down justice on a dangerous few who intend to destroy other people’s lives.

Praise for Vultures:
“In the tradition of GONE GIRL, Susan Wingate’s THE DEATH OF VULTURES is both layered and nuanced. Like a striptease. the story unwinds itself, building one fear above the other. She has created a world both surreal and REAL, where regrets don’t just swallow you whole… They KILL you.” -J Carson Black, NY Times Bestseller