Two Doms, One Night

by Alaska Angelini

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Two Doms, both heartbroken over the same woman. One woman, ready to prove to them why she deserves a second chance.

When Jillian leaves for college it doesn’t come without a price. She ends up hurting the two men who meant the most to her, her boyfriend, Devon, and her best friend, Jax. Although she’s heartbroken, the years quickly fly by as she buries herself in her career. But the long hours and lonely nights take their toll. Jillian’s left craving Devon’s dominating ways. And her new transfer to San Francisco gives her the perfect opportunity to act on her fantasies. But not with who she expects.

The moment Devon sees Jillian sitting at the bar, he knows he has to have her again. She might have broken his heart thirteen years ago, but he never got over her. And neither has his best friend and business partner, Jax. It doesn’t take much to get her to be their sub, but what happens over the following weeks comes as a surprise. The connection they have is more powerful than they could have imagined. Can Devon and Jax convince her she belongs with them for good, or will Jillian do what she does best? Run.