A Blooms, Bones and Stones Cozy Mystery Boxed Set Book 1-3

by Olivia Swift

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This a boxed set of the first three books in the Blooms, Bones and Stones Cozy Mystery Series by Olivia Swift.

Book One – The Secret of Chestnut Hall

A contract to restore an old garden and a handsome client…what more could a girl ask for?

Well, a good mystery of course!
Jasmine Summer – or ‘Jazz” as her friends and family call her, takes on a contract to restore an intriguing old garden for her client, Evan Sutherland.
Evan – He’s quite a famous mountaineer who is trying to leave behind a shattered life and an ex-wife that almost ruined him.
Chestnut Hall – Evan’s house and garden have a mysterious past that intrigues Jazz and Evan. The discovery of a secret grotto leads them both into situations that they would never have dreamed about …and into unforeseen dangers.
Will Evan be able to leave his past behind? What dangers lie within the grotto? Will there be a happy ending for Jazz and Evan?

Book Two – The Secret of the Jewej Shop

What do lavender, stones, and spirits have in common? You’ll need to read this love story within a love story to find out!

Carly – Carly James dream of opening her own jewelry shop is fast becoming a reality. The little shop with its crushed strawberry paintwork springs to life---filled with delightful things. The building’s history intrigues Carly, especially when she senses a spirit presence. Carly is a bit of a free spirit, which is evident by her outrageous clothing and vibrantly colored hair.

Jazz and Evan - Carly’s friends who appear in The Secret of Chestnut Hall, the first book in the Blooms, Bones, and Stones Series, are about to be married. In the meantime, Evan’s brother Dex arrives on the scene. He’s recently been through a rough patch, however is starting fresh and will occupy the other half of Evan’s huge home.

Dex – He agrees to temporarily help Carly out in the store. He’s logical and serious by nature and skeptical about her crystal reading. However, he decides to keep an open mind. Can two opposites really attract or will a schoolboy stalker cause a tragedy?

Book Three – Almost Picture Perfect

What can happen when two redheads meet and fall for each other?

Miller Hollenbeck – She’s in a job which she hates. In her spare time, she loves to upcycle furniture.
Miller Hollenbeck dropped the screw she was about to tighten with her electric drill and it slipped to the floor. The door dropped away from her hand and fell over onto her shoulder. She swore loudly and expressively and pushed the door to one side as she retrieved the escapee screw. Hanging doors was something she had learned how to do but it was never easy. Dressed in her favorite attire of jeans and a skimpy tee with a tool belt around her waist, Miller was determined to make this house just the way she imagined. She wanted to do it herself. As she straightened, she jumped as a voice spoke from the front porch.

Jules Callander – He’s a successful photographer, but his family has somewhat dubious connections.
“Jules is one fantastic photographer. Just so natural at it. His prints sell for big money.” Miller was curious after Evan’s remarks about his friend. As she sat with a drink before crawling between the sheets, she pulled up Jules Callander’s name on the web. “Wow,” she said out loud. “He is actually really famous and he was impressed by my handiwork. Well there’s a compliment I can live with.” She switched off the tablet and her eyes closed almost immediately. The work in the house and the evening meal at Jazz’s house was taking its toll. Sleep washed over her like a comfortable blanket. The last image in her head was Jules Callander pointing his tiny camera at her and the new front door.