My Sexy Tool: A Stepbrother Billionaire Taboo Romance

by Laura Havemeyers

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Merry was a quiet, peace-loving girl, just graduated college, when her mom talked her into coming to exotic Abu-Dhabi to try out for a role in a Formula 1 racing team. Preferring a slower pace of life, Merry was reluctant, but felt she had to come to meet her mother’s new fiancé.
Soon after arriving, Merry is saved from harm by the sexiest man she’d ever seen. He stirs feelings inside her, thoughts she’d not had in years even though he acts like a tool toward her. Her mom then introduces him as her stepbrother, Troy. Merry is repulsed by the erotic images she has of him, but still can’t stop thinking about him.

Merry decides she needs to contain her improper urges toward her stepbrother, and answers a booty-call from Michael, another hot driver, hoping sex with him will wipe out her forbidden desires.

It goes horribly wrong when Michael turns out not to be all he appears and Merry is unable to resist her attraction to Troy. She has the best sex of her life with her stepbrother and the two of them then must live with the consequences. Even in this taboo relationship, though, they just can’t keep their hands off each other. Will their parents, ever understand?