Never Say Never

by Taylor Holloway

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I fix problems for powerful clients. Embarrassing problems. Illegal problems. For the right price, I’ll make any problem disappear.

Now I’ve got a problem of my very own. Her name is Eva Martin and she just happens to be both my best friend’s little sister and at the center of the most explosive client's problem I’ve ever faced.

As the body count rises around us, I’m falling for the one woman that’s totally out of bounds. From her wide innocent eyes, down the perfect curves of her body, to her sexy, smoky voice... I’m infatuated with Eva’s every detail. She’s a risky distraction for a man like me, but I’m powerless to resist.

When my personal and professional destinies become dangerously intertwined, there’s nothing I won’t do to protect Eva. Even if it means everything else—including me—becomes collateral damage.