Daddy's World

by Ava Sinclair

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"Kit is one of the last holdouts of a female-led resistance to our government's utopian vision.

I'm her last hope.

But to save this Rebel, I'm going to have to give her something she's never needs: firm guidance of the daddy she never had.

The colony of Paternas was built to reform women like Kit, who raised themselves in the shelled remnants of a city called the Warrens.

I want to give her the childhood she missed. I know it won't be easy. She's never known love. She's never known discipline. She's never been spanked. She's never really laughed. She's never really cried. I intend to change that. Ultimately, I intend to make her my wife.

But there's another reason I'm doing this. The utopian world of New Bethel, which sees itself as an ideal world in the wake of a global disaster isn’t perfect. I'll eventually need Kit's help to change it, but first I have to earn her obedience.