Watch Me: Stalked

by Alaska Angelini

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From the moment I saw Anne, I knew she would be mine. The intensity behind her stare as she looked into my eyes stirred the one thing I’d spent years pushing away. I knew I had to have her. And fate stepped in, granting my wish. From the beginning, we were a perfect couple. Hot, insatiable. She was my other half. The masochist to my sadist. Then she left, ripping my heart out. Destroying everything we’d worked so hard to build. But she didn’t stay hidden for long. I tracked her down. Found her and decided to make her come back to me.

No matter how far I had to go to convince her.

Michael stole my heart from the moment we met, tempting me with his darkness. Opening my mind to things I’d only dreamed of. But even as perfect as we were, it still wasn’t enough. Doubt managed to seep through the cracks of our foundation, sinking its claws in deep. Michael had tested what I was made out of since we’d met. Now, as I came to terms with who I was, I had some testing to do of my own.

He watches, and I tempt, pushing the limits on how much we can take. Although I pretend I don’t want him and that we’re over, there are things I have to see. How far is Michael willing to go to prove what he says is true?

I’ll stop of nothing to find out.

WARNING: This book contains disturbing situations, dubious consent, twisted psyches, and very strong language. If you’re not comfortable with breath or knife play, this book is NOT for you.

***All Stalked books are STANDALONES except for Special Editions which are focused on favorite secondary characters. They all have a HEA.****