Dom Up:

by Alaska Angelini

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— Golden Flogger Award FINALIST —

~I’m a breed all of my own. A dark twist of sin women dream to be dominated by. I’ll fuck you so good you’ll be begging me for more. If you leave a lasting impression, I might see you again. But I doubt it. ~ That piece of work was me. The one who was so sure of himself. The one women knelt before, desperate to have a taste of the pleasure I could bring them. Back then I thought I had it all figured out, that my life couldn’t get any more perfect. Rich. Well known. Good looking.

But something doused the flames of the cocky asshole I had become, something I thought would never happen. Baby Fever. Yeah…that. Whoever said men didn’t get that shit was a damn liar. The infection had spread through my body, right into my blood, overshadowing what I’d spent my entire adult life enjoying. Now I’m in search of one thing. One person who can turn my world upside down and give me what I crave, while letting me stay true to who I am. So…

Dear Ladies,
I’m the man of your dreams and I can prove it. All shapes and sizes are welcome. I’m ready to settle down and start a family. Must be open to a long term relationship. The true kind. One that will last forever (contract required and only voided by me). I’ll show you how a woman is really supposed to be treated. Submissive preferred, but not required. Will train. It’s time to Dom up.
Sincerely, Devlin Black

(To be printed in the Los Angeles Herald, Sunday after next—Bachelor’s Edition. Front Page.)

*****Dom Up gets FIVE stars for an imaginative spin on the BDSM genre, it’s a serious pleasure to find authors seeking something better than the status quo. The smut… well Devlin wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than FIVE drenched panties and I already told you how he doesn’t like to take no for an answer. If you are looking for a quick hot read with a lot of heart this series is for you. Certified Mommy’s a Book Whore must read!--Review by the Head Whore.

*****Wow just WOW!! Devlin Black has now become my new addiction!!--Reviewed by Kara from Give Me Books

*****What a great 1st book to this series! Devlin and Victoria are just freaking HOT! The chemistry they have is off the charts... I don't want to give anything away, so all I can say is... I cannot wait for the 2nd book!! I give this book 5 *****--Karen ARC Reviewer