Dom Fever: Devlin Black book 2

by Alaska Angelini

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***This is book 2 and picks up where book 1 leaves off so be sure to read Dom Up (Devlin Black book 1) before reading this book!***

I have a daughter. The betrayal from the woman I love was like a knife in my heart. Two years I knew nothing of Ava, but if I had, I would have changed my womanizing, binge drinking ways.

The feelings for Victoria are still there, but so is my mission to find a sub and wife. Dom Fever is in full effect from the women that surround me, but I have eyes for only one. The mother of my child. No…my children. She now carries my second child, just like I had prayed she would.

Will I forgive her before it’s too late? Will she forgive me? Or will Karma come around and knock me on my ass? I’m an honest person, but I do have one secret. One…that could ruin everything.

***I just finished Dom Fever and holy hell! Yep I'm done for. I absolutely loved it. Everything about this story was amazing. The characters, the plot, even the secondary characters. It's all was just done amazingly well. There isn't anything that Alaska can't do! I'm all on board this Devlin train and I want it, Dom and all!--Beggin from Mommy's a Book Whore
Story 5
Sex 5
Overall 5+++++

5 STARS- Holy hotness. Damn, he is kinky, twisted, dominant, caring, and pure alpha HOT DAMN, SEXY AS SIN!!!!!! THIS WAS FANTASTIC ♥ MUST READ!!!!!! --Donna ARC Reviewer

5 STARS- I LOVE THIS BOOK and DEVLIN. I fell in love with him in DOM UP, but wow!! Now I really want Devlin ❤️❤️❤️. Devlin is a hot, dominate, sexy, alpha man who makes mistakes but tries to do the right thing . I'm rooting for him . If you read anything this year, I would recommend the ( Devlin black series) you won't be disappointed. Go ahead Hit that one-click button( smiles), and fall in love with Devlin ..:) --Terry ARC Reviewer