Love is Kind

by Ruby Hill

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When Alice becomes a new mother and a widow all in the same night, her world falls apart. Can she ever learn to trust again?

When Alice agrees to marry Simon as a mail-order bride, she quickly realizes that her marriage is not what she imagined it would be. He does not allow her to go into town by herself, keeps her from having any friends, and expects her to cater to his every want.

Within months of moving to her new home with her new husband, she realizes she is pregnant. On the night she goes into labor, Simon unexpectedly dies, and Alice is left to tend to the farm by herself while trying to care for a newborn baby. Devastated and alone, she does not know how she will manage.

The townspeople come together to help the young, widowed mother. A handsome young man, Raymond, proves to be the biggest help in Alice’s greatest time of need. But, Raymond is hiding a secret, and he fears that he will lose Alice’s trust forever if he does not come clean.
Can Alice ever learn to trust again? Is Raymond worthy of Alice’s love?

If you love historical western and mail-order bride romance books with twists and turns, you will love this sweet and clean romance story.

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance, so there are no cliffhangers.