Devlin Black: The Complete Series Boxed Set:

by Alaska Angelini

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***All three books in The Devlin Black series now in one boxed set!***

Dear Ladies,

I’m the man of your dreams and I can prove it. All shapes and sizes are welcome. I’m ready to settle down and start a family. Must be open to a long term relationship. The true kind. One that will last forever (contract required and only voided by me). I’ll show you how a woman is really supposed to be treated. Submissive preferred, but not required. Will train. It’s time to Dom up.

Sincerely, Devlin Black

(To be printed in the Los Angeles Herald, Sunday after next—Bachelor’s Edition. Front Page.)

Victoria. The one that got away. When she left I spiraled out of control. Two years of misery led me to write my Ad. Now she’s back and even as I go forward with my plan, my feelings for her haven’t diminished.

Secrets. Deception. Betrayal.

Can our relationship survive? Can we become the family I know we are meant to be? Or will our secrets ruin everything?


***Each book in this series just gets better. While BDSM books are all over the place nowadays, I rarely find something that stands out as different, Devlin Black *IS* different. This series isn’t just about dominating someone in a club, this is about finding a partner in life who will hand over control in the bedroom. It’s about finding a balance that can work in all aspects of life. To build a family, a future, and a happily ever after.--Certified Mommy’s a Book Whore must read.

*** 5 STARS*** The conclusion of Victoria and Devlin was PERFECT!!! I cannot even express how much I loved this series!! I loved how it was so different from the other BDSM and dom/sub books out there.---Tiffany from Give Me Books

Wow! I cried, laughed, sighed, yelled and finally I came undone. I have never read such an emotional, heart tugging and down right Awesome story. I was there in the story with Devlin and Victoria, standing next to them, feeling everything they were. I loved the ins and outs of these characters. Alaska Angelini sure can make you experience all of the story she is telling. I give this a 5 star rating----HookedOnBooks

The characters were awesome, the story was just fantastic, and the series as a whole was highly enjoyable.--Megan, The Never Ending Book Basket

What a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series! This is a BDSM story that gives you a whole new view,
it's different then any dom/sub story I've ever read and I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this entire series!---Lee'Anne (United Indie Book Blog)