My Irresistible New Stepbrother: An Alpha Billionaire Taboo Romance

by Laura Havemeyers

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The night I moved into my new building, I f*cked my new neighbor. I didn’t mean to; I was a good girl. I’d spent the last few years alone and concentrating on my college degree but, when I ventured upstairs to complain about the noise, he was too gorgeous to resist and it was the best sex of my life. I didn’t even get his name.
A week later, my mom calls from the other side of the country. She’s getting re-married and wants me to visit. Only, as I board the plane I see my mysterious neighbor. He’s flying back because his father is getting re-married too, to my mother!

So, the best sex of my life was with my step-brother and, even though its wrong and we try to stop ourselves, there’s an irresistible attraction between us. It’s a taboo relationship but we just can’t keep our hands off each other. Surely, there’s no way this can end well?