Blood Bound

by Alaska Angelini

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****This is book 2 in the Marko Delacroix series. If you have not read Prey, do NOT read this book.****

It was supposed to be easy—Tessa was meant to be my prey. In the end, she almost killed us both.

Forever tied to a slave I don’t want, the small piece of humanity buried deep inside clings to the hope of loving her. Outside forces have other plans for our future, and Hunter is determined to make her his, but I’m ready to fight to keep what is mine.

Fate, on the other hand, has its own agenda.

Can I accept our bond and overpower the monster within? Will the plans being conspired take Tessa away from me? Or will my vampire prove blood is thicker than desire?

Nothing is for certain, and in a world where greed and power rule, Tessa may show she has what it takes to betray us all.

***WARNING***This book contains adult content, very graphic violence, disturbing situations, and very strong language. Intended for mature audiences.