Collared by the Forbidden Professor

by Q. Zayne

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Her secret initiation by her best friend’s dad leads Shelby into deeper submission. The professor’s masterful hands and powerful drive release her passions—on her back, and within his collar. She discovers what it means to be his.

Collared by her Forbidden Professor
can be read on its own. The events of this story resolve, and Shelby’s BDSM adventure with her too-close older man continue in Trained by Her Forbidden Professor: First-time Secret Lessons 3. It’s already completed. Note: This story first appeared as The Collar, and it has been in Q. Zayne bundles.

This older man younger woman romantic erotica series has detailed bare and kinky intimacy for readers 18+. This is authentic erotica for people who grasp the difference between fantasy and reality. All characters are unrelated consenting adults over 19 who are totally into being consumed by risky, off-limits desire. This edition includes brief previews of two more BDSM-with-heart stories.

If you enjoy power play based on experience, come get Shelby’s wicked-hot second lesson with her forbidden professor.