Brother's Best Friend

by Flora Ferrari

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My brother’s best friend is a New York model with brains as big as his biceps and his bank account.

But he only sees me as his best friend’s sister leaving me to only see him on the posters I have hanging on my dorm room wall. I thought going across country would result in a little college romance and my very first time, but I’ve found these sophomoric coeds completely lacking.

My best friend’s little sister is the only woman I’ve ever had eyes for, but her brother tells me she’s not into this whole older man younger woman romance thing, but somehow I’m not convinced.

I can’t believe what my brother did! The nerve. When his best friend and I set things straight it leads us straight to the bedroom, but only for one night.

My brother kept a secret from me for years, but suddenly I find out I’m carrying a secret of my own. Now I’m the one forced to choose what to reveal and what to keep a secret. Can I really keep this secret baby secret?