by Alaska Angelini

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Just when I thought I had found happiness with the woman I was meant for, she was taken from me. Murdered, by the one person I had wanted to kill from the beginning.

Corruption, secrets, lies—the world as we know it is breaking into chaos. The call to rise against the government and us, vampires, has been heard, and the one person I never hoped to see again is answering.

Little does anyone know, someone else is watching. What they have planned will be out of all of our control.

In a place where nothing is as it seems and everyone wants to rule, who will come out on top? Who will ultimately reign?

WARNING-- This book contains adult content, very graphic violence, disturbing situations, and very strong language. Intended for mature audiences. **May have triggers for some, but if you've made it this far in the series you should be okay...**

***The characters are unlike any that I've read about and possibly my favorite from any book she has wrote. I just have no clue where we will end up when this story is over and that makes me so happy. I love being surprised and she has most definitely kept me on my toes. This is a must read series. ---ARC Reviewer (5 STARS)

***I don’t know how she’s been able to do it but every book in this series gets better and better. I’m in love with this world and these characters. Alaska has taken me on an EPIC journey that I don’t want to ever end.----ARC Reviewer (5 STARS)

***Forget everything you know about vampires; Alaska Angelini takes an overplayed genre and creates an amazing new world of conspiracy, lust, power and betrayal.---ARC Reviewer (5 STARS)