by Alaska Angelini

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Tragedy was something I knew all too well. My years as a detective showed me the worst life had to offer...but it wasn’t the homicides that had me stepping down from the force. Losing my fiancé and partner, Martin, to a senseless act of violence had. Now I'm a private investigator and I choose my own assignments.

A questionable bear attack should have been a simple case, but nothing about Wolf River, or my main suspect, Alexander Villani, comes easily. Where the townsfolk are uncooperative and cold, Alex’s overwhelming presence is anything but.

From multiple missing persons and inconceivable stories, each night I find myself falling deeper into a town’s legend. One I can’t bring myself to believe.

WARNING: This book is a mix of Thriller, Horror, and Romance. It contains graphic violence, disturbing situations, strong language, and ADULT content. Mature audiences only.