I Give you Me

by Joyce d'Mot

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Syeda Blackwell is intimately familiar with loss. Her life thus far has been defined by it—beginning with her father, who mysteriously disappeared when she was a child. Most recently she lost her mother to cancer. Both losses haunt her, but are out of her control. The loss of the man she loves? She caused that with her lies. 

Syeda has resigned herself to a future without Christopher ‘Peace’ Whiten. Craving him, while feeling shame for what she did seemed to be her way of life. Now they are back in the same city and his forgiveness is all she wants. But Christopher is not an easy man—dark and hard to read. He owns her without words, consumes her with just a look—Not the type of man who would forgive.

I Give You Me tells the love story of Syeda and Christopher. Lies and distance have them apart. Mutual friends bring her back into his orbit. But the same fire that once engulfed them can this time destroy her. Can she take that risk?