Split Second Success

by Carolyne Onkoba

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Catagories: Inspirational/Spirtual/Chrsitian

Carolyne Onkoba provides inspirational and heartfelt experiences that she underwent when she traveled to America for the first time. What makes this story incredibly unique is that she can connect with the reader through life events and show how she has grown from her experiences. While many inspirational books are filled with beautiful concepts that are constructed to make the reader think- this goes beyond that. Her ability to connect the reader with life processes allows that individual to reflect on their own life from a unique perspective. She orchestrates a book full of insightful advice that is all tied to personal relationships and events that inspired wisdom. As you will read, being new to America was not easy, but the lessons taught made her a stronger person. Carolyne is currently a nurse, and she is perusing a business as a life coach. Her goal to share the wisdom she gained with those that want to grow spiritually.