Bound to the Highlanders

by Katie Douglas

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In 1875, Fiona Magellan moves from London to Glenash as she mourns the loss of her mother and father. Her kind aunt, Trina, insists it would be good for her to go to the annual Highland Fling, to meet more people from the village.
Little do they know that Fiona will accidentally marry two huge Highlanders. Then her love from London arrives and convinces her to elope, but the Highlanders catch up with them, and the mayhem really begins. But how can one woman navigate the joys and pitfalls of being married to three men, when she still doesn't know how to bake bread?

Caution: This light-hearted Scottish historical romance with a liberal helping of myth is a reverse harem. There are elements of menage and domestic discipline. And there's a HEA. This is NOT a serial, but it is a series of standalones.