Becoming Royal: A Bad Boy Baby Romance

by Anastasia Slash

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It is my insane stag night
And I am ready to get messed up
I am about to wed Lady Helen
Who by all accounts is not as pure as
The queen might believe.
So what do I do?
I decide to have my party in LA
Away from the lies and the pressure
But, the truth is, I am ready for inspiration
I notice her
Consumes my entire being
A one night stand what I thought I desired
Before I head back to claim my throne as the King
But she is untouched and things
Take a whole different turn
I must claim her
Now that is has carrying my Heir
I have no choice but to go against tradition
And possibly lose it all
Will it be worth it?
Only one way to find out
I will not stop
Until she is mine
I want her American pie forever.

When Prince Liam Heir to the Throne decided to have his stag night in LA, he thought it would be his final night of partying, but he runs into distressed untouched talk show host Piper. He decides God made her for him. But he only he leaves in 24 hours.

Twenty two old Piper has been sheltered for much of her life. She’s got an amazing job most girls could only dream about. She is still virgin. Her friends convince her to propose to her boyfriend Live on air.

Things go wrong with the proposal.

Then, a fateful meeting with Prince Liam Heir to the Bretannia Throne who she assumes is just a bodyguard, lets her know she not only desires him, but he is what she has been looking for all along and there must be a reason. She only has 24 hours before he leaves forever!

What happens next could not have been planned?

Fun, fantasy filled ride with the Royals. Becoming royal is a full length novel, Filled with insta love, HEA guaranteed, no cheating enjoy..Thanks for your support as always!