Bar None Ranch

by Lara Turner

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He's ready to come out of the closet and discover what he's been missing.

Jeremy co-owns Bar None Ranch with his two sisters where he lives a virtually celibate life thanks to his fear of revealing his true identity. After his first few dates with visiting men end in disaster, Jeremy accepts that he'll never get laid. Then Adrian arrives at the Ranch and everything changes. Jeremy falls in lust at first sight.

Tall, handsome, and ruggedly built for a life on a working ranch, Adrian's mere presence sets Jeremy's heart racing. It doesn't matter that he has no experience, after a vivid dream involving this new cowboy naked, sandwiched between his strong thighs, Jeremy decides he has to have Adrian. Working side by side, the two men fall into an easy friendship that quickly leads to a sexy tryst in the barn and an even hotter night under the sheets.

It's Jeremy's first time with a man and he can't wait for more.

Warning: Adult Themes-For Mature Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Short story: approximately 8900 words.