by Almondie Shampine

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With her unconditional love and her faith that's unyielding, Charisma Stone is a magnet to their obsessions.

"She was losing blood. Too much blood, as it spilled out of the wounds on her chest, her stomach, her sides, her legs, her arms. Too many holes, too much blood, too much pain, too much weakness, too little time. All odds were against her, yet she continued to fight the unconsciousness that simply wanted to absorb her in its bleakness, its blackness, its painlessness, with a primal, animalistic intent … survival.

She left a trail of red on white as she dragged herself through unpacked snow, burying her face in it here and there to quench the severe dryness of her throat.
She was dying from a succession of 17 merciless stab wounds from a six inch hunting knife. She would die. It was inevitable. Yet she continued her painstakingly slow crawl toward some kind of life, all the while continuing to hear his agonizing shouts playing over and over and over again in her head like a broken record.

“I love you. Oh God, I love you. I love you so god damn much!”

But a battle of nature versus nurture ensues when she decides, against all costs, to keep the child in her womb, despite the tragedy of his conception and the genes of his father. When Father Burton Faulkner comes into her life, she knows she made the right choice, as their family grows and prospers. But love is Blind, and it's up to Charisma to open her eyes and see the truth, before it's too late.