Natural Design

by Almondie Shampine

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“So, I’ve been here over a month and a half now, but when I ask about my purpose, I’m not given an answer. I still want to kill these people.” – Catina Salsbury

I needed to save the world. It wasn’t a want or a desire; it was a necessity. It was something I absolutely needed to do. Searching for the meaning behind it, I came up empty.

Previously, I’d always had meaning attached to it. Fighting for my parents, my sister, Charlie, then fighting for my life. From there, my fight became taking the Modules down, fighting its Makers, which then led me to fighting the President, which turned into the entire government. For a time, I even thought the meaning behind it was pure vengeance, and wanting to avenge all my losses.

In the end, all it came down to was it just being something I needed to do.

Like destiny. Like it’s what I was meant for. Period.

And then it hit like an epiphany, even though it’d been right there in front of my face the entire time.


I was meant to do this. So therefore, nothing was going to stop me from what I was meant to do. I’d never been clearer about anything else in my life. I had to do this!

I was finally ready.