Conspiracy Design

by Almondie Shampine

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The eyes of the cat will tell you what you need to know ...

‘I’d spent my life fighting for those I was loyal to. Now, I just wanted to run so that my losses would never catch up to me. I never wanted to feel again. Everyone else had wound up together. I’d wound up alone. Finally, I felt the anger, right down to the core of me, shaking me, escaping in a scream so loud and so fierce it sounded nothing like me. I wanted to avenge my losses so that I could know it was all worthwhile, and everything I’d done and sacrificed would be worth it. This was far from over. I wanted revenge!’

Catina Salsbury returns in this action-packed dystopian thriller series (The Modules). Five years since The Reform, she’s intent on freeing everyone she can from The Modules, and figuring out those responsible for Intelligent Design, so that she can take them down for once and for all, while also wanting to fulfill her dream of being united with her twin sister, Kadrin, again, and finally being able to be with her childhood love, Charlie. Unfortunately, her loyalties to the cause and those she loves collide. Not just for her, but them as well. Catina’s determined to have both, regardless of the sacrifices she has to make, but so are they.

Cat's Out of The Bag