The Modules

by Almondie Shampine

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Book 2 in the Modules series, featuring the thrilling Catina Salsbury

Cat, here, but you can call me Catina. Boy, do I have a story to tell you. I’m 16 now. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 17, now that I went from being the very model of a new man-made era of Intelligent Design with the highest global IQ for ages 12-18, to top priority on the Modules’ to-kill list. The tests keep saying I have a personality glitch, regardless of my intelligence, and none of their techniques work on me. I’m unpredictable and I can’t be controlled.

It all began with 'The Reform'. State recruiters came when we were 12 to take my twin sister and me from our homes and take over our guardianship. Following Junior School graduation, Kadrin and I wound up on two different buses. I’m one of the only Purple’s remaining. It doesn’t matter that I excelled, or quadrupled my learning, or can do things that other people can’t. I found the formula, the one they desperately need. They’ve taken everything from me, but I can’t die. I can’t. I need to save my twin sister, Kadrin, who was programmed against me. I need to save my only boyfriend, Charlie, who doesn’t even know who I am anymore. I need to save the world, because the only way they can have their Intelligent Design is if they do something foolish, like try to wipe out all the people they think are ignorant.