The Billionaire Guest

by Cathy Blossom

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She is hiding from the world. He is focused on his billionaire business. As they check into The Royal Quinton Hotel, love is the last thing on their minds.

Lilly Franklin has won a stay at The Royal Quinton Hotel. She intends to stay in her room and use room service for everything she needs. She’s trying to forget how an evil ex-boyfriend changed her life beyond recognition.

Theo Myerscough is also staying at The Royal Quinton. He’s there strictly on business. His job is to provide his father with a detailed report on the ancient hotel. Once Theo has done this, his father can begin his hostile takeover of the property. The hotel is not up for sale, but that isn't going to stop the ruthless Myerscough family from proceeding with their plan.

Lilly and Theo literally collide with each other in the hallway of the hotel. Theo is surprised at his instant attraction to Lilly, and all thoughts of business flee his mind. When Lilly’s mum later asks a favour of him, he immediately agrees as it means spending a lot of time with Lilly.

Lilly is not so sure about Mum’s plan. While she likes Theo, she doesn’t want to be dragged away from the safety of her hotel room. However, Mum insists, and Lilly reluctantly agrees to her plan. As Lilly begins to fall for Theo, she’s unaware of the secret he’s keeping from her. The secret which will break her heart.