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Double Blind

Vanessa Waltz

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I’m in so deep that I can’t see the way out.
The boss of the Rizzo family needs me. I need to get closer to Carmine Lucchesi, a captain in his family. I need to steal information from him. He’s a sweet man, but underneath there’s something damaged, something deranged.

The boss wants me to leave Vincent, the man I love. End the engagement. I'm with Carmine until he says so. Until I get what he needs.

Or he’ll kill Vincent. He’ll kill my mother, and Vincent’s mother, and everyone I've ever cared about.

I don’t have a choice. I need to end it with him, even though I love him. Even though it just might kill me.

Author's note: This is the sequel to High Stakes, with the same characters. Read High Stakes before reading this book! This is a mafia romance novel, it contains a possessive alpha male hero with themes mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense
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