The Bet

by Lily Zante

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Xavier Stone thinks he is god's gift to women.

Driving a Ferrari 488, living in Tribeca, and running businesses that spit out $$$, he's living the dream.
And he can have any woman he wants.

Except for Isabel Laronde.
That chick is something else.

Failing to attract her attention at his brother's wedding, he is forced to prove himself. He places a bet with his best friend:

$10K to win Isabel over and to get her into his bed.

Piece of cake.

It should have been.

But Isabel Laronde isn't interested in the rich and privileged, and Xavier Stone represents everything she hates in a man.
Smart and sassy, Izzy can see right through Xavier's flirtatious attempts and there's no way in hell she's falling for any of them.

Until, despite her best intentions, she does.

When her defenses crumble, and her resistance falls to the wayside faster than her panties, Izzy gives in and her heart melts.

But Xavier turns out to be everything she feared, and everything she hated.

She should have trusted her gut.
She should have known better, because first impressions are rarely wrong and Xavier Stone was trouble right from the start.