Soul Guide On Planet Earth

by Ivan Antic

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Your soul is of divine origin. Everything else is an illusion that rules this world.

A completely new review of the soul is now derived from a common inheritance of the ancient heritage and mysticism, as well as the personal experiences of the author.

The question of the soul is the oldest question asked by a man. All the answers to the questions about soul exist both in an individual and a collective experience, but they were hidden from a man in various ways. The knowledge about the soul was hidden by religions and science; religions did it through endless, futile and diverse theologies, myths and religious conflicts, and science hid it behind the materialistic teaching, saying that the soul is a kind of psycho-energetic entity which is created and disappears with the body.

The reason for hiding the true nature of the human soul is to keep the man unconscious and trapped by the ignorance regarding his true nature. You already know that there were always a few rulers in this world who ruled over the vast majority of people who listened to them blindly.

They exist today and it is not in their interest to awaken people's consciousness about the true nature of their soul, that it is the outgrowth of the same divine consciousness that enables everything, the entire cosmos, which is the basis for an intelligent design of all life, that the human souls have before their incarnation into the physical body participated in the creation of the whole nature, this planet Earth, all elements and all life on it. This is the true nature of our soul.

However, life on this planet for a man is organized in such a way that it takes place in the great oblivion of consciousness about his divine soul, and on trying out all the opposites. The purpose of this forgetting is that through the renewal of consciousness the very soul of the man renews the divine consciousness itself, so it could be present in this world.

Similar to the biofeedback effect; the physical body and the life on this planet for the soul, act similarly to the DDFAO biofeedback apparatus for sensing all of the functions. The soul, therefore, needs such a good guide on that path, who will remind that soul of who it is, what it is and why it is here, and what this world is like with all of its negatives. A guide to remind it that it is incomparably bigger and more powerful than all the negativity in this world, that - due to the holographic nature of reality - the soul of every human being is the soul of the whole world.