Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence

by Ivan Antic

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Samadhi is the goal and the peak of meditation.

According to classical and contemporary interpreters of yoga and meditation, samadhi denotes the unity of the subject and the object, the inner and the outer world, our Self and Absolute. In other words, enlightenment. Here, this unity is described simply as the unity of consciousness and existence.

In this book you will find much more details about this unity, it will be revealed in a completely new way, you will comprehend that unity of the conscious and the existence in a man is gradually achieved at all levels of consciousness and being, on which a man exists and works, in all dimensions, and which are expressed in chakras, psycho-energetic centers in a man.

Each chakra represents a blend of consciousness and existence. This blend is also manifested through the human culture of life and civilization. Understanding the chakra is connected to the historical development of the man and the events in the world, not only to the personal states of consciousness. It is an old and universal story of understanding the meaning of existence.

In fact, the entire cosmos and life represent a spectrum of merging and expressing of consciousness and existence. Consciousness is expressed as existence and existence is fundamentally conscious. Moreover, consciousness is here explained in the light of an understanding of the consciousness of a man's soul as well, which through intelligent design, thanks to the quantum field creates the whole reality and existence. This can be because the soul of the man comes from the same divine consciousness that allows the whole existence.

A complete connection and the realization of both consciousness and existence occurs only in a man who reaches Samadhi through meditation. The whole other nature, all of the cosmos and all of our lives, are just a scenography in which the drama of this merging is occurring.

Though, paradoxically, Samadhi always already happens as a mere existence. The only question is whether a person participates in it all the time, whether he/she is aware of it.

This book will help you to see the existence in such a way.