End Game

by Vanessa Waltz

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The job was simple: Watch the girl. Don’t let her do anything stupid.
It only took her a couple months to do something stupid, and now my boss wants her dead.

It would be simple, except she makes me feel for the first time in months. I love tasting her, having my way with her, and she’s gotten deep under my skin.

She's chained to my bed because I’ve decided that she’s mine. I want her, but what I want doesn’t matter to the Family. I’m a soldier. I’ve seen and done so many terrible things, and one more death won’t matter. I have to do my duty.

I have to kill her. Even though it feels like I’m killing myself.

I need to get out, but I can’t leave without him.

I thought I could handle the mob. I thought I could control them.

Instead, they’re controlling me. They sent him to watch over me. Joe DiFiore, a soldier in the Vittorio Family. He says he's here to protect me, but I know the truth. He’ll kill me if I make one wrong move.

He's my judge, my executioner, but he's also my protector. It's sick, but I want him, and I'm falling hard for him. He says he just wants to play, but I should know better. Kissing him is like playing with fire, and I’m addicted. He was a spark that raged into an inferno.

Now the families are at war, and they both want me dead for what I’ve done.

He's my only chance... and I can't believe I'm falling in love with him.

Author's note: This is a dark romance novel with a possessive alpha male over 80,000 words long. It is a standalone novel, the third in the Vittorio Crime Family series.