by kristen kelly

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In the struggle to put her abusive past, her toxic relationships with men, and her fractured and neglected childhood behind her, Elizabeth Doyle meets Damon Donovan, a high-reaching, seductive body builder with kissable lips, and piercing blue eyes that suggest he is the furthest temptation of the perfect man she can get.
She knows she should stay away from him.
She knows she should run in the opposite direction.
What harm would it do…
To simply stick her toes in the water?
A little taste is all she wants.
A high-voltage, off-the-charts, decadent dessert.
But when Damon offers to teach Elizabeth how to swim, she can’t resist talking to him, cuddling with him into the night, and sharing all her hopes, her dreams…
Her everything.
But Damon has his own dreams as well as more than a few dark secrets
Starting with the humiliating way his ex-fiancée tried to kill him.
He’s not about to go down that road again.
Not with her.
Not with any woman.
But can he resist?