Owned by the Bad Boy

by Vanessa Waltz

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She stole my kid and put me behind bars…

Wise guys don’t do love. They get laid and forget. The life is dangerous and I spend every day like it’s my last. Settling down wasn’t in my blood before Claire.

I’ve never fallen so hard for a girl. She’s got a body that turns heads, and for a year I did nothing but explore every inch. It was bliss. I thought she was perfect.

I was wrong. Twelve months of my life, stolen. My kid, gone.

Now, I’m out and I’m pissed.

I’m going to drag her home, tie her to my bed, and make her pay. I’ll own her body and tame those wild lips for good before I put a ring on her finger.

She took everything from me. I’m taking her over.

One big happy family. Claire is going to be my perfect wife whether she likes it or not.

This romantic suspense novel is a standalone with a HEA!