Picture Perfect Love, Love on the Trails Book Two

by Natalie Dean

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1845, Oregon Trail, Fort Laramie and onward

Madelyn and Lilian Thomas are two sisters in hot pursuit of a story involving a murder and missing jewels.

Being daughters of the prestigious owners of a major publishing house, they are somewhat separated from the main convoy . . . and their chance at investigating the murder mystery.

Madelyn and Lilian come across Arnold Hendricks one day out in a field. He was bashful. He was cute . . . AND, he was the perfect ticket into the main convoy. Just where they needed to be to solve their mystery . . .

Arnold is a fine young man with a heart of gold. He’s got the two sisters Madelyn and Lilian, AND another beautiful, free-spirited young lady named Rachel, all vying for his attention.

Will Arnold be able to figure out the mystery of which girl truly wants to be with him? And will the sisters come any closer to solving their murder mystery?

Come along on this wagon train journey that’s carving a pathway into history, as the sisters become entangled in the lives of trail guides, guards, and a robust Irish group, while Arnold becomes entangled in three romances.