The three keys to muscle building: The fundamentals and most important aspects of working out

by Max Bretschneider

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"The three keys to muscle building" covers everything you need to know about building muscle, nutrition, and working out. It cuts through all the commercial crap and delivers you exclusive science- & experience-based knowledge.

I wrote this book with the intention to show people that you don't need to spend a fortune on unnecessary products to achieve the goals you want.
You are going to learn all the basics as well as advanced knowledge and how to apply it.
It’s split in the concept of three keys: Diet, Hypertrophy & Mindset. Many other chapters cover different aspects of the sport and everything surrounding it, so you are well prepared for all the things coming in your direction.
In addition, I've included a free diet & workout plan so it's easier for you to apply it to your everyday life and recreate them by yourself!

Whether you are looking for a book that guides you through the beginning of your journey or just trying to improve your insight into the topic, you’ve found the right book!