Kyle's Nightmare

by Tina Silvens

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Simple office worker by day, romantic warrior by night.

Men, psychics, forgotten kings and queens gather in a world between life and death.

Spirits don’t want to come back into the real world as mere ghosts...

Kyle used to live a normal life until an ancient spirit put a curse on him. Now he has to finish a series of strange missions in another world so he can wake up in the morning and live in the normal world.

He wants to break the spell, but what will he choose after falling in love with the spirit’s daughter?

Kyle encountered the spirit in his dreams when he was a teenager. In the beginning, he thought all those requests were harmless. They were supposed to be only dreams.

But later on, he realized some of them had effects in the real life too...

He managed to escape from the spell by pure luck.

Ten years later, the spirit finds him again and has a stronger spell. Kyle receives the mission of saving The Princess. Yet he doesn't know...

The spirit has the perfect plan to kill him.

Will luck help him again or will love deceive him?